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On this page you will find all relevant information about the availability of the different RAAW models at a glance. Last updated on: 06.12.2021

RAAW Madonna V2.2
The Madonna is currently sold out. We expect the next delivery of all sizes and colors in February 2022.

The Jibb is currently directly available in all sizes. Only size S color raw is currently sold out. Restock is expected to arrive in March 2022.

Note: If the information on this page differs from that on the respective product page, the information on the product page applies. There you can also view information on the availability of the various rear shock.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you just produce more frames?

Anyone who has been following the history of RAAW for a while knows that we deliberately approach certain things differently than most other manufacturers. For us, there are much more important things than just increasing sales and profits as quickly as possible. Our goal is to build the best and most durable bikes and to inspire every single one of our customers with outstanding service. At RAAW you don't buy "just a frame" but also the certainty that we will always be ready to help you quickly, directly and without complications in case of questions and problems. To ensure this at all times, our production numbers are intentionally limited.

For the same reason, we currently no longer offer bike builds. By focusing on our core product, the frame, we can offer you excellent support for all technical questions - directly from those who designed the frame.

Why is there no possibility to pre-order a frame?

Especially in view of the current worldwide supply bottlenecks, it has become impossible to estimate binding delivery dates far in advance. And we want to sell bikes, not empty promises that we can't keep, especially not against advance payments months in advance. For this reason there are no pre-orders or reservations at RAAW. Instead, we always provide transparent information about the current status and upcoming deliveries here on this page and in our newsletter.

Is there any way to get a frame faster, avoiding the wait?

No, all frames are allocated in a fair way, there are no shortcuts or special treatments. Bribe attempts are pointless! ;) However, a look at the Bike Components online store can be worthwhile, as in some cases variants that are already sold out at our shop are still available there. Also, it should be mentioned here again that our 5-year warranty also applies to second owners - maybe buying second-hand is an option for you.

Some models that are sold out at your shop are still available at Bike Components - how come?

Bike Components is our official distributor for Europe and has a separate stock. By the way: Whether you buy a frame from RAAW directly or from Bike Components, you can of course contact us directly with any questions or problems. Also the warranty processing always runs directly through RAAW. So you have no disadvantages if you buy a frame at Bike Components instead of directly from us.

If everything is sold out, how does it work when I have a warranty case or need spare parts?

No need to worry! For our Crash Replacement program and for warranty cases we keep a separate stock of frames and we also stock all bits and bolts in ample quantities , so that the supply of spare parts is guaranteed, pretty much at all times.

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