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RAAW Community Build

Madonna V2 - Large/raw

Heidelberg Germany, build by Franz

You can tell at first glance that this Madonna V2 gets ridden a lot. At second glance, you'll notice that there are some real hidden gems tucked away in its seemingly unremarkable build. However, to understand why each component was chosen, you need to know the story of this RAAW of the Month and its owner - which we'll tell you right here.

Build Specs

Frame: Madonna V2
Large Color: raw
2021 Lyrik Ultimate 180mm with Luft-Fusion Air-Spring-Upgrade
Shock: EXT Storia V3 65mm stroke or DPX 2 Performance Elite, Madonna TunePI-Rope RL-A 30mm - Newmen Alloy Rims
Drivetrain: SRAM 12spd X01 / GX
Wheels: PI-Rope RL-A 30mm - Newmen Alloy Rims
Brakes: Trickstuff Direttissima
Seatpost: Vecnum Nivo 212mm