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Enduro World Cup Maydena & Derby Recap

Enduro World Cup Maydena & Derby Recap

Pulses are racing and the anticipation is palpable. The first two rounds of the Enduro World Cup are looming and the rolling circus is about to rock up in Tasmania.

With the excitement growing, Helen and Torben fly to the other side of the world with the loaded up suitcases and bike boxes. But there’s also uncertainty in the air, as not only the changes to the series organisation need getting used to, but questions centre around the track conditions and, of course, the condition of the racers.

They’ve both given it their all this off-season, looking to turn their riding and racing up a notch. After all, 2023 will be their first go at a full EDR season and they’re both keen to accumulate as many points as possible for the overall standings.

Nevertheless, there’s always this period of uncertainty at the first race of the season. Has all the hard work and training in the off-season paid off? Where do you stack up to the rest of the competition? Did I remember to turn the oven off?

These and many other questions run through the minds of Helen and Torben as they jump aboard their Madonnas and tackle the first big race of the season in Maydena.

The race in Maydena is an intense and demanding one. With over 1250 m of climbing and 2500 m of descending, as well as tight transfer times, it’s a challenge for both body and mind.

Despite the focus on preparation, it’s still an early start to the season and Torben can feel this in his bones. The longer stages have him feeling not quite up to operating temperature, but the man doesn’t throw in the towel that easily. He grits his teeth, finds his flow and fights his way up the field stage by stage, eventually finishing the race in an impressive 38th place overall.

Helen starts the race with good pace and some solid commitment. But unfortunately a crash on stage 3 knocks the wind out of her sails a little. But she dusts herself off and bravely soldiers on to complete the race.

With both racer’s engines now firmly up and running, they make their way to the second round in Derby, 300km away, where the weather would throw some more uncertainty into the mix.

But fear not. With great line choice and bucket loads of skill, Helen conquers the big boulders of Blue Derby and finishes the race in 28th place. Top work for the first year elite.

Torben builds on the momentum from the previous round and betters his result with a 30th place once the day is done, ranking up there with the bigger names on the EDR circuit. 

With the whirlwind down under now done, the team chalks up the first block of racing as a success and moves on to their next big event, the German Enduro Championship. The anticipation for this race is huge and Helen and Torben will be joined by their team mates Joni and Chris. We’re wholeheartedly looking forward to cheering them all on in Winterberg in May.

Photos: Boris Beyer (Instagram: @maddogboris)

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