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Showroom & Testrides

From product development to marketing and customer support, our new RAAW headquarters in the beautiful Palatinate region of Germany are our new home and also our new showroom. Here you can not only try out our Madonna, Jibb and Yalla! in all sizes but also go through any and all questions with us over a coffee to figure out which configuration suits you best before you head home with your frame in hand.

Located in Haßloch, between Mannheim and Neustadt an der Weinstraße, we’re easily accessible only a few minutes off the A65. There’s plenty of parking, but to ensure you get the time you need, we suggest making an appointment in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours? Do I need to make an appointment?

Currently there are no fixed opening hours but we have designated Wednesdays and Thursdays for possible appointments. You can schedule one by sending us a short message to with your desired appointment date, height, weight and which bikes you are interested in. That way we can prepare everything before your arrival and have the coffee machine ready to go.

Can I test-ride your bikes?

Yes. We have our Madonna, Jibb and Yalla! in all sizes built up and will be happy to adjust the bikes to your weight so you can have a bounce around on them in the showroom to get a first feel for the bike and size. We also offer testrides out on the trails, you can scroll down on this peage to learn more.

Can I take my RAAW directly with me when I buy it?

Absolutely. Our warehouse is part of our headquarters and if you decide you’d like to buy a Jibb, Madonna or Yalla! you can take it home with you no matter if it’s just a frame kit or rolling chassis. We’ll need around half an hour to prepare everything and you can already check availability before you visit via our product pages on our website.

Do you also have spare parts?

Yes, all spare parts, clothing and accessories available in the online store can also be purchased directly from our headquarters.

Are there any special offers?

From time to time we offer frames with small cosmetic imperfections, used test bikes or used components at special rates.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer debit and credit card payment options. Cash payment is also possible, but preferably with the exact amount as we don’t have small change.

My RAAW needs some love, can I bring it to you?

Sure. We’re happy to help keep your RAAW in tip top condition or attend to any problems that you might have. We know the bikes inside and out and can work on them in our own workshop. Just send us a message with your request to and we’ll figure it out together.

Test Rides

We understand it all too well - you can discuss numbers, data and geometry values for hours, but at the end of the day only one thing counts: the experience and feeling on the trail. And that's exactly what we offer: the opportunity to test our Jibb and Madonna in your size on trails close to our HQ. You can pick up a Jibb or Madonna for half a day and test it on a trail that is easily accessible by car from our office.

This is how it works:

Make an appointment

Our test rides are available Monday to Friday, but we want you to get the most out of your test ride. That's why we only offer appointments in conjunction with a personal consultation. Just send us an email to and tell us about the bike you’re interested and add you height and weight so we can get the right size setup for you. Together we will then find a day when you can pick up your bike at 11 am.

Come visit our showroom

You come to us at 11 am, we first have a coffee and discuss your questions and questions. Then we take care of the formalities, set up the test bike and then it's off to the trail. You have half a day to test the bike extensively, but please remember to return it by 4pm at the latest. After the test ride, there is still time to clarify any questions or to advise you on the configuration and purchase.


The test ride costs €50, but here's the best bit: if you decide to buy a bike or frame from us within 12 months of the test ride, we'll refund the fee.

The trails

Option 1 - "Föhrle Äns": The first trail is located in Leinsweiler and is about 30 minutes by car from our showroom. The trail is ideal to test both the Jibb and the Madonna properly. You can even ride the trail two or three times to get a real feel for the bike. You can find all the details about this trail here.

Option 2 - "HD Freeride" Heidelberg: If you are looking for a more challenging alternative, we can also recommend a downhill trail and flowline in Heidelberg. The drive to Heidelberg takes about 50 minutes, but it's definitely worth it. A day ticket can be purchased either online or on site for only €7.