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RAAW Mountain Bikes Proudly Supports RBF Racing DH Team

RAAW Mountain Bikes Proudly Supports RBF Racing DH Team

Our recent Privateer Program announcement showcased a fast and fun bunch of lads. But all the while, behind the scenes, we’d been working away with two more promising talents that we’re now extremely proud to announce.

Last year we worked closely in supporting KJ Sharp. She’s a lady that can easily rival most of the men for the title of strongest person at a World Cup, but is as soft as a brush and not only a dream to work with, but hilarious at every step along the way. She’s been British National Champion already once, and while she might have her sights set on that again, she’s also focussing on some European races and showing the potential that she possesses underneath those massive biceps.

For 2023, KJ teamed up with another talented British rider to form their own UCI team, RBF Racing. Last year we watched open mouthed as Stacey Fisher sat in the hot seat at the World Championships for so long that we considered getting her some sun cream. She’s no stranger to speed and airtime, being a previous National Champ in motocross, but her performance in Les Gets was a stand out from a season full of good performances on the world stage. She's the current British National champ too.

In combining forces for 2023, the duo have set up a team where each other's strengths balance out and even help the other’s weaknesses. They work together so well, both having a drive to perform, all the while not taking themselves too seriously as to ruin the fun of riding and racing. It’s a difficult balance that some racers often overlook in their quest to win. The girls have a dynamic and team that we love and are simply proud to support. We have the utmost confidence in their abilities as riders and racers, and can’t wait to see what they can do.

Their main focus will be the European World Cup rounds. But with them both hailing from the UK, their additional focus will be the British National series. There’s a healthy, and hilarious, rivalry between them for this year's National Champs title in Rhyd-y-Felin. But there might even be a Crankworx or two thrown in for good measure and to spice things up a little.

At RAAW, we’re supporting the dynamic duo not only with our bikes, like the Yalla!, but also with race engineering at the World Cup rounds to make sure that their bikes are working at their absolute best and to further develop the bike and setups with two speedy ladies. 

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to partner with the girls’ other sponsors, like Looseriders, as we’ll be working on some custom frame decal sets to make their bikes stand out from the crowd and match their kits for the factory look. 

We’re immensely proud to stand behind two incredibly fast people, not just ladies, as they take on the 2023 season, and can’t wait to see what they can do, and to see how many cups of tea we drink along the way.

Photos: Kyle Lane (Instagram: @fourzeromedia)

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