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RAAW Bike Build Cashback

Hey. We’re RAAW and we sell direct because we simply love the personal communication with you, the people who ride our bikes. We’re a small team of dedicated people and the short communication lines help with everything from buying advice to after sales support.

With time spent in the beautiful Sea-to-Sky corridor in Canada, learning about the cultural differences between the bike communities in Europe and North America, we became fascinated by the bike shops and their central positions in the local riding communities. The support of the shops and their contribution to the local riding communities is amazing to see. This phenomenon is for sure not only present in North America, but here it’s very distinct and triggered the idea for us to offer this Bike Build Cashback program.

In an effort to support you in your quest to have a full bike built around a RAAW frame, while also supporting the local bike shops in North America, we’re now offering 100€ cashback with your next order when you get your local bike shop to build up your frame.

This means that you’ll have expert service in selecting and sourcing all the components, professionals building your dream bike and a human point of contact to keep you rolling smoothly for the foreseeable future.

How does the Bike Build Cashback work?

1. Purchase your RAAW frame kit from us and have it shipped to you.
The cashback program only applies to purchases from our shop made after June 20th 2022, for customers in the US and Canada.
2. Go to your favorite shop and have your RAAW built.
You can choose the bike shop. The shop just needs to supply an invoice that states the frame number and the labor costs.
3. Email us your invoice and we send you a €100 discount code for your next order.
We do reserve the right to reach out to the bike shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you sell through bike shops?

We sell direct because we like to communicate with you. Our product line-up consists of only three bikes. This enables us, as a small team of dedicated people, to focus on what we want to be the best at. In our little company we all know what’s up, the lines are short and the communication with you, before and after purchasing, is something we highly value. Reach out to us at any time! The eight of us do all the engineering, marketing, logistics, purchasing, website, sales and the communication with you. We can offer advice and information about our bikes directly from the source and straight to you. And we also love to hear what you think. Communication with you is simply why we sell direct.

Is the cashback program available for a limited time only?

The Bike Build Cashback program is a new endeavor for us at RAAW. As the program progresses we’ll learn and see where our journey goes. We’ll take all feedback on board and as time goes on, see about further developments and changes to the program.

Can the bike shop building my Raaw reach out with questions?

Sure! Anyone can reach out at any time. We have an extensive knowledge base online and our frames come with an owners manual that contains many details about the assembly and setup. But always feel free to reach out to us, bike shop or customer.

Why is the cashback program only available in the US and Canada?

Markets are different all around the world and the ways customers, shops and brands exist together changes from region to region. We offer this program specifically for the US and Canada as we have personal experience here and saw an opportunity to support both you, the customer, as well as local bike shops. Depending on how the program develops we may offer it in more countries at a later time. Sign up to our newsletter to stay informed!

Why is the currency for the cash back Euros?

Our pricing is based on Euros and will be converted to other currencies depending on the exchange rate.