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Welcome Stevie!

Welcome Stevie!

We’re over the moon to announce that Stevie Schneider and RAAW will be joining forces, with him jumping on the Jibb and Madonna for his coming adventures.

Stevie Fucking Schneider x RAAW

We’ve been fans of Stevie for a long time. His natural bike skills combined with an honest and out of the box approach to creative projects results in refreshing but above all, entertaining videos and projects that stand out from the crowd. Stevie is a hugely creative individual who follows his gut feeling and endeavors to take us all along with him on his journeys, on and off the bike. After our first ride together with Stevie, it became immediately apparent to everyone that Stevie and RAAW would fit together like two peas in a pod. "For me and the values I represent, a small company like RAAW is the best partner. Being close to their customers and community is a top priority, the bikes are awesome and devoid of any unnecessary bells and whistles. For both myself and RAAW, it's 100% about the most important thing, riding bikes!"

Stevie's main focus is freeride and all that it encompasses. Huge jumps, steezed out three-sixties and backflips and events like the Freeride Fiesta will be part and parcel of Stevie’s riding. And even with a little freeride skepticism at the start, he was enjoying the bigger wheels on the Jibb and Madonna after our first ride together. And who knows, maybe in the future he'll convince us to shrink our wheels for bigger jumps?

You can follow Stevie's adventures on our channels and of course on his Instagram and YouTube.

Photos: Christoph Bayer

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