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Jibb V2

Back in 2021, we introduced the Jibb as a little sibling to the Madonna. A bike that would have more of a spring in its step and not need the most aggressive trails to get it up to operating temperature. While it was short on travel, it certainly wasn’t short on capability and no matter the trail, be it winding singletrack in the hills or full-on bike park lap, it would have your back. The logo for the Jibb captured its spirit perfectly. It’s a bike for going up, down and chasing its tail all over the mountains.

The new Jibb V2 captures that very same spirit, but has grown in versatility while taking on the features and technical improvements that are found on the Yalla! and Madonna V3. It’s a bike that can be built in a multitude of different ways, coming from the components you put on it and now the way you want to configure the frame with different geometry, suspension and wheel sizes.

It’s a hugely capable bike that gives you feedback through the steering and suspension like no big travel bike can. And that’s what makes the Jibb so much fun and just the best all-rounder you can have in your garage.


Ever asked a dog if it wants to go for a walk? Then you’ll know the sheer excitement that it can dart around the floor with. That’s the Jibb. The direct handling allows and buckets of feedback allow you to move it wherever you want on the trail while knowing what’s going on underneath you. And if you do bite off more than you can chew, it’ll never throw in the towel. Grab the bars a bit harder and you’ll be surprised what the pair of you can get through.


Multiple adjustment options within the frame, for changing geometry, suspension and wheel size, allow the Jibb to be configured to exactly how you need it for you and your trails. Add in your selection of components and the spectrum that the Jibb can cover makes it a companion for long days in the saddle munching up the miles to lap after lap in your favourite bike park.


Bikes should be ridden hard and put away dirty. That’s one of our founding philosophies. The Jibb V2 comes with sturdy hardware that can take a beating, double sealed pivots that keep the dirt away from the bearings and when the time comes, you won’t need a degree in science to give your bike some love back and keep it running for a long time to come.

In-Depth Video

Technical Specifications

Travel rear/front 130 / 150 mm (141 / 160 LT)
Wheel size 29” (740–755 mm) (27,5” rear option)
Max tyre width 2.6” (66 mm)
Rear hub 148*12
Shifting One-by only, boost, 36t max (UDH / T-Type option)
BB 73 mm BSA / ISCG05
Brake 203 mm post mount
Seat tube diameter 31.6 mm inside, 35 mm outside
Internal seatpost routing Yes
Seatpost max insert S 235 mm / M 260 mm / L 280 mm / XL & XXL 305 mm
Headset 56 / 56 Zero stack

Cable routing All external
Shock hardware Ball bearings and hardware included
Bearings main pivot 2 x 6906-2RS1 (47*30*9)
Bearings rocker pivot 2 x 6002-2RS1 (32*15*9)
Bearings other pivots 8 x 6902-2RS1 (28*15*7)
Recommended fork dimensions ATC 567,7 mm – Offset 44 mm
Shock dimensions 185*55 / 185*50 – Trunnion
Weight 3.9 kg (incl. all hardware, w/o shock, size M)
Material AL 6066 T6
Finish options Matt Black and raw with matt clear coat

Factory Grade Support

If you ride a Jibb, you'll never ride alone. Your frame comes with comprehensive documentation and a direct line to the team that created it for any questions or problems you may encounter.


The Jibb V2 is available in five sizes, from S to XXL, to accommodate riders from 158 cm to 208 cm. Reaches and chainstay lengths, as well as head and seat tubes, grow with the frame sizes to achieve a balanced and predictable ride no matter the frame size.

Compared to the Madonna V3, the reach is a touch shorter, and this was designed to help up the agility of the Jibb compared to its bigger sibling. But whatever size fits you on the Madonna, you’ll ride the same size on the Jibb.

Reach 420 445 470 495 520
Stack 621 635 649 662 662
Chainstay Length 445 445 450 455 455
BB drop 35 35 35 35 35
Seat Tube Length 395 420 445 470 470
Virtual Seat Tube Angle 76 76 77 77 77
Head Tube Angle 64,5 64,5 64,5 64,5 64,5
Wheelbase 1192 1224 1260 1296 1321
Body Height in cm 158 - 170 167 - 180 177 - 190 186 - 199 195 - 208

(all dimensions in mm except for angles)


Suspension Design

The updates to the Jibb’s suspension incorporate everything we’ve learnt about ride dynamics from our other bikes - Predictable suspension with an initially soft touch, support and control through every millimetre of travel and good feedback coming through to you from the ground. We just put it into a shorter, 130 mm travel package that gives the Jibb more of a spring in its step.

When you’re hard on the power, the chassis support stops it from feeling like pedalling a marshmallow and the grip from the suspension helps you claw up technical climbs. Once the trail points down and you need to grab the brakes, there’s a good balance of chassis support and suppleness to combat the bike pitching too much while still being able to absorb bumps and trail roughness.

Rocker 50 & Rocker 55

New for the Jibb V2 is the introduction of the Rocker 50 and Rocker 55, aimed at optimising the suspension setup for a wide range of riders. The Rocker 50 uses a 185 x 50 mm shock and has 21.5% progression, and the Rocker 55 uses a 185 x 55 mm shock and has 19% progression. Riders below 90 kg will benefit from the Rocker 50, while riders over 90 kg will suit the Rocker 55.

Hardware, Cable Routing and Frame Protection

All the technical details from the Madonna V3 are now also implemented on the Jibb V2. Internally we refer to these improvements as our second generation of hardware. Bigger bearings, axles running directly through the bearings and of course, double sealed pivots.

The external cable routing takes smooth paths to reduce kinks and make using the controls a treat for your thumbs. It’s easy to work on and also allows for different setups with mechanical and wireless shifting and dropper posts.

To finish off the frame, we’re using frame protection where it’s needed. There’s a 5 mm thick down tube protector and a chainstay protector that also houses the gear cable and protects the frame from heel rub. The seat stay also has protection against chain slap.


When you purchase a Jibb V2, you can either choose our RAAW seat stays, with the adjustable chainstay lengths and our proprietary axle system, or you can choose the UDH-compatible seat stays. We also offer the seat stays separately in case you change your mind in the future.

Five Year Warranty

To reinforce what we stand for, we offer a five-year warranty for the first and second owners and also continue our five-year crash replacement program for when things don’t go your way.