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Trying to finish a tough puzzle in Lenzerheide

Trying to finish a tough puzzle in Lenzerheide

After what felt like the longest off-season in the history of long off-seasons, World Cup racing was back upon us and we headed off to Lenzerheide, Switzerland to meet up with the newest additions to the RAAW racing family and see our Yalla! heading down the mountain at speeds that would have most mothers hiding away behind their hands.

It was simply wonderful to meet some of the privateers that we support in person. We’d exchanged multiple emails and messages, but it was great to finally shake hands with Gautier, Coen and Nuno and see them flying the RAAW flag. Sharing ideas on lines and bike setup over a cup of tea with Stacey and KJ was the cherry on the cake.

Racing downhill is a fickle sport. Perhaps it’s almost easy to expect your favourites adorning the live feed from the comfort of your sofa. But even for the world’s best, it’s a week-long puzzle to piece together. Sometimes you find all the pieces and get them in their right places. Other times it might feel like someone is playing a cruel game and hiding a few. Lenzerheide turned out to be a tough one for the RAAW crew.

But as tough a puzzle as it might be, the RAAW crew is tougher. And it will always be a proud moment seeing our little creation up there in the World Cups. So grab a brew, sit back and see what went on at the first round of the 2023 World Cup Downhill series.


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