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Rear Derailleur Hanger

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Rear Derailleur Hanger

Keep one in your toolbox. Just in case.

  • Fits all our bikes
  • The 7075 Mid Position Only, only works with the mid position on the chainstay length

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Never broken but always bent

    Tried out all 3 versions of the hanger including the steel one. They all havben't snaped off but they where all bent after the first or second ride... I run sram axs

    Hanger works for me as it should


    for me the regular hanger works as it should. No trouble for my 11spd derailleur.

    I bent one hanger slightly in a crash where I landed my bike on a root with the derailleur first. The hanger "saved" my rear derailleur through deforming. I could even bend the hanger back without destroying it and ride the rest of the day, with 95% good shifting.

    I´ve since replaced it, for peace of mind. I've had trouble with derailleur alignment on two different bikes with Sram 12spd Eagle straight from the factory (Orbea and YT).

    Bryan L.
    Stock hanger too soft

    Agree with other review. Just ordered the 7075 hanger - hopefully it is a bit stiffer. The stock was so soft I couldn’t run an AXS derailleur because the hanger would bend just under the dynamic weight of the derailleur at big impacts. Had to straighten every ride til it snapped. I’ll update once I get the new one on

    Go for the 7075

    The 6066 hanger is the achilles heel of the Madonna. I sometimes feel as though if I look at rocks the hanger bends out of alignment. I often have to re-align it after every other ride and I don't even know what rocks I tagged. If I happen to low-side to the right, there is a 100% chance that hanger will be bent. I've never had a bike with this sensitive of a derailleur hanger. This is so frustrating because the rest of the bike is so durable and amazing.