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Rocker 60 & 65 Madonna V2.2

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Rocker 60 & 65

The suspension of the Madonna is designed around two different rocker links, the Rocker 60 and the Rocker 65. Both rocker links generate 160mm of travel at the rear wheel, each with just over 20% of progression.

But the differentiating factor is the shock stroke. The Rocker 60 uses 60mm of stroke on the shock to generate 160mm of travel at the rear wheel. The Rocker 65 uses 65mm of stroke to produce the 160mm of travel.

This results in a higher leverage ratio for the Rocker 60 that is best suited for riders up to 90kg and a lower leverage ratio for the Rocker 65 that is best for riders over 90kg.

Riders on the lighter end of the scale benefit from the Rocker 60 with more mechanical leverage that helps the damping and adds to the small bump sensitivity. The Rocker 65 enables heavier riders to run a lower air pressure or spring rate and happy damping for the shock.

The different stroke lengths on the shock are fixed internally but based around the same shock. A 205 x 60 shock can be modified to 205 x 65 and vice versa. But this needs to be done directly by FOX. 

  • The rocker 60 is best for riders up to 90 kg
  • The rocker 65 is best for rider over 90 kg
  • Comes with the bearings pressed in
  • CNC-machined from a single piece of aluminium
  • Fits the Madonna V2.2, not the Madonna V1, V2 and V3