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UDH Retrofit Kit

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Rear Wheel Axle
Rear Derailleur Hanger

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UDH Retrofit Kit

Want to run SRAM’s UDH or a Transmission drivetrain on your RAAW? Well, we’re pleased to announce that we’re now offering a UDH retrofit kit to give your existing Jibb V1, Madonna V2, or Madonna V2.2 compatibility.

The kit consists of a fresh drive-side seatstay with a newly designed dropout, a UDH, RAAW X12 axle 174mm, and dropout insert. Should you require, just the new seatstay together with dropout insert is also available. Please note that a specific X12 thru axle with a length of 174 mm is required to use the UDH seat stay

Chainstay length with the kit is 445mm, and it’s a piece of cake to fit to your frame, meaning SRAM fans can have their RAAWs up and running in no time. Note: Requires a mid position brake mount.  


UDH Retrofit Kit

  • 1x UDH Seatstay
  • 1x Dropout Insert Mid Position
  • 1x Seatstay Protector


  • 1x RAAW X12 Rear Wheel Axle 174mm
  • 1x UDH Rear Derailleur Hanger