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RAAW of the Month

Since we founded RAAW, one thing has given us a lot of pleasure: seeing where, how and by whom our bikes are ridden all over the world and how you use our frame kits to create different, individually optimized works of bike art. Now, we want to share this joy with you in the form of featured community builds and regular, more extensive bike checks to provide you with inspiration for your own builds.

RAAW Community Builds

Show us your RAAW build for a chance to win a surprise package! Simply fill out the short form below and we’ll feature your bike on our website and on Instagram. For every 10 published builds, a surprise package will be raffled among them.

Does your bike have what it takes to be "RAAW of the Month"?

For particularly successful and exciting builds, we also award the "RAAW of the Month" distinction, featuring the bike and its rider in more detail. Each RAAW of the Month will be rewarded with a 100 Euro voucher for our online shop. Make sure to describe what makes your RAAW special. Smart detail solutions and setups perfectly adapted to their area of use excite us the most, "bling-bling factor" and extravagant components naturally always attract. We’ll contact you to ask for more details if your bike makes it on the shortlist. Best of luck!

Check out this page for an overview of recent RAAW of the Month winners.