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Jibb "Tricky Choice" - RAAW of the Month March

Who hasn't been there: You have twins and can't decide which to take out with you. That's the case for Martin, the man behind March's RAAW of the Month. In the following, we'll not only introduce you to one of the twins in detail but also try to figure out when exactly which one gets to tag along.

As a field service technician, Martin, 44, spends a great deal of time on business trips throughout Europe - not exactly the ideal situation for an avid mountain biker. Or is it? Martin makes the most of it and brings one of his two bikes along on his often multi-day trips whenever possible, to explore the local trails after work. "With a bit of research upfront, it's no problem; nowadays there are more and more legal trail options available now. You don't have to give up biking just because you work in the field!"

He wasn't always this passionate about biking: For a long time, his relationship with the sport was more of an on-again, off-again affair, with a recent break for more than 8 years. During the pandemic, it was - out of all things - a cross-country e-MTB that rekindled his old love, and this time stronger than ever before. As it always happens, week by week, he improved his riding skills and chose increasingly challenging trails. Eventually, his e-MTB had reached its limit, and the poor thing was stuck in the workshop more often than not. Not an ideal situation, so he quickly needed a more robust successor that better matched his new needs: "I wanted a robust, low-maintenance bike that has more travel, but doesn't just smooth everything out, and still challenges my riding technique. Plus, I wanted to do something for my fitness, so this time it should be a classic 'bio-bike'," Martin describes his requirements. "When I came across the Jibb during my research, I was immediately convinced by the concept of the bike - exactly what I was looking for!"

When choosing components, one thing was particularly important to Martin: "I want to be able to do everything myself on my bikes" he explains. "Whether it's service or repairs, I don't want to rely on a bike shop's help if I can help it." For this reason, he uses tried-and-true technology he's familiar with for his build - high-quality but not too exotic, no "bling-bling" parts, yet no compromises in performance. For example, he uses a Fox 36 fork and a Fox DHX2 shock for his suspension. "I've been using Fox suspension components for as long as I can remember. I'm familiar with the settings and can perform a complete service practically blindfolded." To perfectly adjust the suspension for each trail without much ado, he uses the Quarq ShockWiz system on his Jibb, which provides all the essential data at a glance.

A familiar maintenance routine was also a crucial criterion when choosing a seatpost. For this reason, he opted for the RockShox Reverb, with which he had already gained extensive workshop experience in the past. The Magura MT7 brakes, which he's familiar with from his e-MTB days, are also part of the setup. Combined with the 203 MDR-P rotors, they provide extreme braking power, which is modulated through the stylish Magura HC3 brake levers. For tires, he uses a combination of the Schwalbe Magic Mary on the front wheel and the Schwalbe Big Betty on the rear, offering what he calls "brutal grip."

Complete Spec List

Frame Jibb, raw, Size M
Fork Fox 36 160 Factory
Rear Shock FOX DHX2 650lbs spring
Wheels Newmen Evolution SL A 30
Tires Schwalbe Magic Marry / Big Betty trail casing
Headset Acros
Stem Acros Gothic 50
Handlebar Acros Carbon 15mm Rise 770mm
Grips SQLabs 70X
Brakes Magura MT7 with HC3 Levers
Discs Magura MDR P 203/203
Derailleur SRAM X01
Shifter SRAM X01
Cranks SRAM GX Carbon 170mm 30t
Cassette SRAM XX1
Chain SRAM X01
Chainguide Sixpack Millenium
Pedals CrankBrothers Stamp7
Seatpost RockShox Reverb C1 175mm
Saddle Ergon Enduro SM Comp

Now that Martin has had quite a few after-work rides with the Jibb, he is consistently thrilled: "The Jibb has taken my riding skills to another level! For me, it's a bike I can take anywhere and have fun on any trail. Whether it's flat or steep, with or without jumps. Tight, technical trails with sharp turns are perfect, but bigger jumps or drops are no problem with the Jibb either. It's super agile, responsive, and loves to get airborne."

With such enthusiasm, it's maybe no surprise that a few months ago, Martin's bike collection expanded with the addition of a Madonna V2.2. It seems that Martin was not only convinced by RAAW as a brand but also by the chosen setup: Apart from the crank, the Madonna is built identically to the Jibb - true twins indeed!

Having identical setups is quite an advantage when one of the bikes needs a spare part. However, it doesn't make the initial question of which bike to choose for which trail any easier. When asked about this, Martin explains: "Both bikes have are well-suited for a broad range of trails and pedal great uphill. I'd describe the Jibb as super agile and responsive, while the Madonna loves fast, steep, and rough terrain, providing a lot of confidence. Often, my decision depends not only on the type of terrain, but also on the riding style I feel like at the moment. Thankfully, there's no right or wrong choice, and I always have fun!" We can wholeheartedly agree with that. By the way: In this article and video in our Knowledge Base, we go into detail about the differences between the two bikes.

For us, the RAAW of the Month March (and, of course, its twin) represents a principle we also follow at RAAW: Define your (personal) requirements, find the optimal solution, and then execute it without compromise. Instead of experimenting with new components on the second build, Martin relies on proven parts, reducing unnecessary complexity and focusing on what really matters in the end: Spending as much time as possible on the trails.

Does your bike have what it takes to be "RAAW of the Month"?

Since we founded RAAW, one thing has given us a lot of pleasure: seeing where, how and by whom our bikes are ridden all over the world and how you use our frame kits to create different, individually optimized works of bike art. That's why from now on, every month we'll choose a particularly successful and exciting bike build from the community as "RAAW of the Month" and present the bike and its rider in detail on our website. In addition to glory and Insta-fame, a 100 € voucher for our online store awaits the lucky winner. Does your bike have what it takes to be "RAAW of the Month"? Check out this page to find out how to apply.

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