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Traction Development Racing Team Supported by RAAW for 2024

Traction Development Racing Team Supported by RAAW for 2024

Mountain biking can mean a lot of different things to different people. Having a good time with friends, connecting through social rides, racing, beating your buddies or getting others stoked. The Traction Development Racing Team was founded in 2022 with the aim of covering all of that! That might sound a bit ambitious, but these guys know how to be fast and have a good on their bikes.

When Johannes Feling contacted us, we were all ears. The TDR team aims to support young and upcoming enduro racers and positivley impact the sport. A total of eight guys riding our bikes from size small to XL are all preparing for the 2024 enduro race schedule, but also have many other projects in the pipeline. Founder Shawn coaches a group of 60 kids in their local mountain bike club, and the guys are actively involved in trail legalisation and clean-up campaigns in their local forests. 

Pushing their own skills between the tapes of enduro races, helping the youth develop their potential and promoting the sport of mountain biking in the Taunus region and Germany in general is what the TDR team is all about!

The TRACTION Development Racing Team consists of Shawn Farfan, Niklas Hartmann, Jannik HartmannJohannes Feling and Marius Feling and the TRACTION Development Racing Juniors Team is presented by Niclas JoneleitNevio Cioce and Janosch Schüler.

In their own words: "Young guns pushing enduro into the mainstream spotlight! The team will be at the Chili Enduro and Enduro One Series and would love for you to come and say hello!

We're proud to support such an ambitious team of individuals who not only know how to go fast and have a good time, but also actively promote the sport we all love so much! Cheers to 2024 guys!

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