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Winter Escape

Winter Escape

Escaping German winter: Leaving our skis behind and driving south to ride bikes.

It is the end of February and only a week ago that we were skiing in Pitztal, Austria. Winter is great, but we could not resist the temptation to leave the gondolas behind and go ride bikes somewhere warm. The plan is simple, we pack our gear, strap our bikes to the car and drive south. After crossing the alps and driving through the flat northern part of Italy, we even drive past Finale Ligure and decide to discover something new. Roughly 45 minutes later we arrive in Cervo close to San Bartolomeo al Mare. Cervo is a small town with a beautiful old town. It is as Italian as is can get; narrow streets, stairs everywhere and cafes on every corner.

In the morning the first sunlight welcomes us over the beautiful Ligurian sea. For breakfast we enjoy a first fresh croissant in a small café directly at the promenade. After the first original Italian espresso we are picked up by our shuttle driver Andrea from TF7. The drive by itself is already the first highlight of the day. Our first uplift takes us directly to Maiali, one of the nine official trails in the area. This is also my personal favourite, the varied, natural trails offer a great chance to prepare for the day full of riding. It’s not long before the first jumps, berms and open corners appear. Despite the rocky character of the trail, it’s easy to get into the flow enjoy the trail. Andrea is waiting for us, on we go!

Over a narrow road we continue to the next trail: San Rocco. After the first flowing trail, it now becomes steeper and more technical. San Rocco is more of a downhill trail and surprises us with steep rocky descents, long jumps: fun and fast! We slowly wake up from German winter and let go off the brakes, we’re back on it! 

The last shuttle of the day brings and finally to the Antenna Trail. The entrance is just below San Rocco. The first part of the trail is mega! Perfect access, a beautiful view of the sea and the setting sun reward us for the effort of the day! The sunset and the fairy tale forest create a magic atmosphere. One thing is sure: We don't want to stop yet!

We end our short trip to Cervo with pizza, beer and a sunset at our motorhome. What a day! The next morning we unfortunately return to the cold Germany, but not before a short stop in the well-known Finale Ligure.

My thoughts about Cervo? The trails are challenging and exciting with great variety and just good fun! Cervo definitely is worth the drive! Compared to Finale it is a bit quieter, but Cervo offers the same views, great trails, nice shuttle drivers, ice cream and delicious pizza. 

Rider: Christoph Höß

Video: Willie B Lens

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