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Why Join?

At RAAW, we strive to offer our customers more than just great mountain bikes. Your frame or bike is also an exclusive ticket to the growing worldwide community of RAAW riders. With this community we want to celebrate our shared love of mountain biking, nurture new friendships and give back to everyone who supported us by buying a RAAW. We have great plans and can’t wait for you to join the ride - this is just the beginning…

Insider News

Can you keep a secret? We sure hope so, because every now and then we share some “for your eyes only” info with our community. Classified bike previews, exclusive behind the scenes insights and the occasional dad joke.

Community Deals

Community members get some sweet discounts on all current and upcoming RAAW merchandise. In addition, we offer monthly deals to our riders community.

Members-only Strava Club

Our bikes are fast, but how fast are you? Join our members-only Strava club, make new friends and compare your times with other RAAW riders world-wide.

Priority Support

Psst, don’t tell anyone: emails from community members always end up at the beginning of the queue. But please don't jump the bike park lift line too, promise?

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait what?! Why is this free? What's the catch?

No catch at all - pinky promise! The RAAW community is 100% free, we won’t share your data and won’t spam your inbox. You can end your membership anytime by unsubscribing from our newsletter, no strings attached. No bad surprises, just a bunch of nice people with great taste in bikes (we might be biased here) and a deep love for mountain biking.

I bought my RAAW elsewhere or second-hand, can I still join?

Sure you can! Simply subscribe to our newsletter using the form at the top of this page and then drop us an email with your frame number and the place where you bought your frame and we'll upgrade your subscription.

Where do I find my frame number?

The frame number is located on the back of the bottom bracket housing of your RAAW frame. Turn your bike up side down and get some good lighting for best readability.

Can my friends join the community too?

Only if they ride a RAAW bike too. For now, this community is for RAAW riders only. Events and group rides are a completely different story, and we'd love it if you'd bring some friend, unless specified otherwise in the respective event.