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RAAW Rear Wheel Axle Set

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RAAW Rear Wheel Axle Set

The RAAW rear wheel axle system is designed to create a rigid connection between the two dropouts. The axle’s shape locks the left and right seatstays into place, resisting rotation and bending. This adds stiffness to the system, stops the axle from undoing while riding and reduces the number of individual parts to keep the system silent.

The axle comes standard with a nut that uses a 6 mm Allen key as well as a 15 mm socket. A slimmer and lighter version with just the 15 mm socket interface is also available. The RAAW axle system comes standard on all our bikes and can also be retrofitted to the Madonna V2 and Jibb.

  • The 148 mm fits the Jibb V1, V2 and Madonna V2, V2.2, V3
  • The 157 mm fits the Yalla!
  • Comes as a set including the axle, insert and the long nut
  • Sets for Short, Mid or Long chainstay length
  • Requires a chainstay length specific brake mount
  • The Madonna V3 and Jibb V2 also require a specific hub contact plate for the different chainstay lengths