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RAAW Privateer Program 2024

RAAW Privateer Program 2024

We started the RAAW Privateer Program to help support a sport that we love. As simple as that. It wasn’t a carefully crafted marketing scheme, just a way to give budding privateer downhill racers a no-nonsense frame that could be ridden hard over a race weekend, put in the back of the rental van dirty, and pulled out at the next race, ready to fight another round. 

We weren’t sure if it would be popular. But we ended up being humbled by the number and quality of the applications that we received, from all over the globe. That only confirmed what we’d experienced when we were at the races. While you might only see a select few of the world’s best, and most supported, racers each weekend on the live stream, there’s a cue of privateers extending out of the building, chomping at the bit and trying to crack the World Cup puzzle.

While the 2023 season still has quite some racing still left to come, we’ve already seen our Privateers flying the RAAW flag at every round of the World Cup and World Championships as well as climbing aboard the top step of the podium at multiple national races. We’ve been as proud as punch to see the grit and determination that they’ve all displayed, as well as watch as they piloted our Yalla! at speeds that we only dream we could ride at.

We extend a huge thank you to Nuno Reis, Gautier Jung, Coen Skrypnek, Gabe Neron, Andrew Driscoll, Hannes Alber and Max Umscheid for flying the RAAW flag throughout 2023. It’s been a pleasure to work with them and watch as they went about racing and working on riding projects throughout the year.

For the 2024 season, we’re beyond stoked to announce that we’re continuing our Privateer Program, and even extending it to include enduro racing, alongside downhill.

If you take your racing seriously, either at a World Cup or national level, and are interested in doing it on a Yalla! or Madonna, then you can send your resume and racing plans to

Selected riders will benefit from a 45% discount on the frames and spare parts throughout the season, as well as useful communication with the engineers behind the bikes, where we’ll endeavour to get you on the best bike setup possible and have you going as fast as you can. After all, a fast bike not only looks good, but it wins races.

Support is always a two way street, but all we’ll ask is that we have regular updates during the racing season that will give us the opportunity to shout about and promote the privateers through our growing channels and hopefully help give them the exposure, and leg up in the sport, that they deserve.

Applications are open now, and we look forward to seeing how the Privateer Program develops for next year’s racing.


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