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The Downhill Project Ep. 3 - Coming to a Track near you...

The Downhill Project Ep. 3 - Coming to a Track near you...

A lot can happen in a year. For us at RAAW, the past year has been a whirlwind. We received the first samples of our DH bike, threw it first run down the infamous World Cup track in Champéry, went for a season of World Cup racing and even had our bike on the live stream.

The roller coaster that is downhill racing follows a pretty g-force-inducing path of ups and downs. From the first round in Lourdes, France, to the season’s end in Val di Sole, Italy, it was a ride of learning and watching our little creation give us the stamp of approval that we created something not only capable of success but durable enough to take the hits of an entire season’s racing within its stride.

And as this year’s ride has come to a stop, and all the people involved unbuckle and step off, we’re already looking forward to 2023 and jumping back aboard the racing rollercoaster, with some new additions to the RAAW racing family.

But perhaps more important in that look forward to next year, we’re beyond excited to be releasing the bike to the public in the first couple of months of 2023, where it will be available to purchase immediately and shipped out soon after.

It’s a great feeling to take not only all this past year’s learning, but those throughout the whole of the DH bike’s development, and bundle them all together as we release it into the wild. Maybe we’ll even meet you out on the trails at some point, to share this excitement as well as a lap back down the hill together.

Keep one ear to the ground for the official release of the bike, in early 2023, where we’ll share all the details, ideas and reasons the bike is the way it is. As well as pricing, options and availability.

In case you missed it, you can watch episode 1 and episode 2 of the Downhill here.

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