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Video: Lines - Not Your Average RAAW Jibb Build

Video: Lines - Not Your Average RAAW Jibb Build

When building up a new bike, no two people’s vision might be the same. What you have in your mind’s eye as you collect the parts and put them together, will have such a level of uniqueness that there are endless possibilities for how the bike can come together in real life.

Jonas, a 22-year-old rider, photographer and videographer from Heidelberg, had a vision already a little more obscure when he set out to build his version of a jump bike. A Jibb might not jump out as the initial candidate, but it’s a versatile little machine and so Jonas set to work turning his vision into reality.

7 hours in at 2 am, maybe the ideas of a bike build process like no other were seeming like he’d bitten off more than he could chew. But once again, that vision of the end result was the guiding light and resulted in a build process that’s nothing short of magical.

Out on the trails, it’s not only the bike that is working like a dream. Jonas’ flow, smooth tricks and effortless style all combine to make for one of his favorite days on the bike in recent memory. How each of us extracts the fun out of our two-wheeled machines is as varied as the bikes themselves.

Capturing it all in this edit also brings his vision for how to convey this love for bikes, his love for riding, and that feeling of those perfect days on the bike. Maybe he’ll never attempt a project as challenging as this, especially after burning all that midnight oil. But it certainly gets across his love and gets us stoked to go ride.

Riding and Lead: Jonas Salamon, DPed: Patric Jacob, Jonas Lentz, Stills: Jonas Melcher, Edit: Jonas Lentz, Grading: Patric Jacob

Music: Trip the Light by Ryan Taubert

Special Thanks to Onza Tires / RAAW Mountain Bikes / Platzangst / Fidlock Bike / LEVELNINE Components / Bike-components / Etnies

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