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Pinkbike: Bike of the Year Nominee

Is there even a need to explain how the Madonna V2 ended up earning a nomination? I mean, just look at it. The aluminum frame is built to last, with a clean, utilitarian look, sealed covers for all the bearings, and external cable routing to simplify maintenance. It's designed to survive multiple seasons of hard riding, rather than barely making it through a summer of shredding without needing a complete overhaul.

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ENDURO Mag: Madonna V2 Race Bike Review

The RAAW Madonna V2 is not your classic enduro race bike. Rather, it is a bike for high-speed trails and downhill tracks. Thanks to its super balanced geometry and excellent suspension, its handling is good-natured and easy to ride, instilling you with confidence. However, it loses time to the fastest bikes in the test in tight sections.

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Pinkbike: Madonna V2 Review

Don't be deceived by the Raaw Madonna V2's no-frills appearance – there's something very special about this bike. Not only is it build to survive just about anything, its performance out on the trails is highly addictive. The way that it rails turns and smashes through whatever gets in its way more than makes up for any weight related concerns.

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First Look

Pinkbike: Madonna V2 First Look

The new Raaw Madonna V2 was announced earlier this month, and one recently showed up for review, so we decided to take a closer look at this aluminum framed, 160mm 29er. The frame has all sorts of well-thought-out details, with an industrial aesthetic that's all about functionality over fashion. From the oversized main pivots and double sealed bearings to the external cable routing and stout rocker link, it's built to take a beating and survive multiple seasons of hard use.

Watch the first look here

Review Madonna V2 Review (German)

Viele kleine und durchdachte Veränderungen sorgen dafür, dass das Raaw Madonna V2 ein sehr guter Vollgas-Bolide ist, der vor allem auf harten und schnellen Strecken glänzt. Das silberne Aluminium-Gerät ist aber auch sehr viel Fahrrad und erfordert entsprechende Trails, um so richtig zum Leben erweckt zu werden. Wer vor allem in gemäßigterem Gelände unterwegs ist oder aktive Fahrräder bevorzugt, dürfte mit anderen Bikes besser bedient sein. Fahrer, die hingegen nur Vollgas kennen, werden auch die nächste Evolutionsstufe des Raaw Madonnas lieben!

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ENDURO Mag: Madonna V2 Review

The RAAW Madonna V2 offers an excellent complete package. It’s capable of taming the wildest trails but remains easy and predictable to handle. [...] If you’re looking for a reliable and durable enduro bike that is also versatile, this is the bike for you. On top of that, the RAAW is a great climber and you can configure the build to suit your needs.

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Pinkbike: Madonna V1 Review

The Madonna is a solid speed weapon that will fly you up and down mountains with ease, smash through the roughest terrain and put up with neglect. It's a great option for people that care more about getting on with riding and trail performance than double-checking grams on a spreadsheet.

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Review Madonna V1 Review (German)

Mit dem Raaw Madonna hat sich ein neuer, spannender Ansatz im breit gefächerten Enduro-Segment auf den Markt positioniert: Besonders Fahrer, die sich die Abfahrt gemütlich selbst verdienen wollen, dürften die entspannte Sitzposition im Uphill schätzen. Bergab wartet der Rahmen mit viel Steifigkeit und Reserven für harte Landungen auf. Beim Setup sollte man sich Zeit lassen und die ab Werk angebotenen Dämpfer-Optionen mit den persönlichen Vorlieben abwägen. Ist alles passend abgestimmt, verträgt das Madonna auch hartes Gelände ohne jegliches Murren.

Read the full review here (German)


ENDURO Mag: Interview with Ruben

Ultimately, however, no bike from any one the major brands could fully convince him. So he launched his own brand: RAAW Mountain Bikes. We interviewed him to find out more about his motivation to do so, why he thinks he can do it better, and to get the inside scoop on the first RAAW bike, the Madonna.

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Interview Interview with Ruben (German)

Mit dem RAAW Madonna hat die neu gegründete Firma aus dem Allgäu einen 29er mit viel Federweg und einigen interessanten Ansätzen vorgestellt. Doch wie kommt man überhaupt drauf, eine eigene Bike-Firma zu gründen? Und was sind die Ziele von RAAW? Wir haben Firmengründer Ruben Torenbeek zum Interview getroffen.

Read the full interview here


ENDURO Mag: Madonna V1 review

Way to start with a bang, the RAAW Madonna not only impressed with its extreme composure and very balanced handling, above all, it is the many clever details that convinced us. It is definitely not going to be the perfect bike for everyone, but anyone looking for a fast machine for the gnarliest tracks in the world will find it here!

Read the full review here

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