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The Downhill Project

Secretly, downhill is the first love of most of us at RAAW. There’s nothing quite like what you can do on a DH bike. The risks you can take, and get away with, leave you with a mischievous grin as you head into the next corner, already trying to one up yourself from the one you just left behind.

Ever since RAAW began, the idea of one day creating our very own DH bike has been a seed in the back of our minds, organically growing along with the brand, until today.

The RAAW DH is a bike built for sending it down the Champery World Cup track, a place that we hold very close to our hearts. There’s no messing around there, no fuzziness in the intended use. Every decision in the bike followed that crystal clear idea and results in a bike fit for tackling one of the most demanding courses to be raced on, again and again.

2022 will be a year of learning, riding, racing and developing the bike. We’ll be taking you along on that journey with videos, photos and behind the scenes stories here on this page, YouTube, Instagram and through our newsletter, all the way to when the bike will be available in early 2023.

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