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Our Privateer Support Program for 2023 Downhill World Cup Riders

Our Privateer Support Program for 2023 Downhill World Cup Riders

Since we started RAAW we’ve dreamed of making a downhill bike and going racing at the highest level. After many hours of chin scratching, tinkering and getting our ideas into production, we received the first samples of our DH bike in late 2021.

In 2022 we entered world cup racing with KJ, Douglas, Luke and Ryan at 555 RAAW Gravity Racing, starting the journey of a lifetime. From the first test camp in Portugal, through all the World Cup races and even World Championships, there has been so much to learn and experience. It's been one hell of a ride!

Everything we’ve learned has helped us tweak and confirm what we’ve been working on. The experiences we’ve gathered with the four World Cup riders have given us a solid understanding of the different setups we can achieve with the adjustments that our frame offers to accommodate for differences in tracks, conditions and riding styles. The result is that our DH bike will see its official release this coming winter, and frame-kits are scheduled to be available to purchase shortly after the launch.

Being at the World Cup races this year has also made us aware of just how many athletes give it their absolute all week in and week out to race as privateers. Families and small teams traveling all over the world to chase their dreams are often a bit in the background, but fundamental for the future of the sport. These privateers are the ones working their way up the racing ladder and maybe someday in the future competing for wins. That made us decide that we’d love to support those riders as well as we can with frames we believe are a durable tool for the job with all the adjustments to have a fast bike, no matter what track.

Riders with the UCI points to race world cups, and the intention to do so in 2023, interested in riding our DH frame can reach out to us for all the technical details on the bike. We will offer a 45% discount and to assure ample quality time on the new bike before next season, we will ship the privateer support frames with air freight instead of sea freight from Taiwan to our HQ in Germany, meaning they will be available before the end of this year.

Racers interested can reach out to us with their resume and plans for 2023 at

Photos: Ross Bell

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