The best things in life are pretty simple. Riding bikes with friends, discovering new places and finding new trails are definitely included. Riding bikes helps us to disconnect from the hectic and noisy world and connect with friends, nature and ourselves. It might just be the best thing ever.

Technological advancement, digital exploration and the growing globalization defines the world we live in and will bring more change in the years to come than ever before. It’s a world full of uncertainties where it’s easy to get lost. But bikes are a very rare breed of products that are completely mechanical and analogue. There aren’t many products that are so simple yet so sophisticated in their designs. Maybe that is what started my excitement for bikes as products. The process of observing, designing, improving, engineering and producing bikes surely is the second-best thing ever.

After spending my whole life on pedals, finishing my degree in mechanical engineering and working for two large companies making bikes I decided to change my priorities in life. I’ve never been good at sitting in an office waiting for Friday to come so, decided to start being self-employed. While I started off with engineering projects for companies in the bike industry, I also began to make notes and write down ideas for the bike I would make myself. I soon felt that my excitement wasn’t going to get any less and decided to explore the road of what has now become RAAW.

Fast forward to today, four years later, RAAW has become a company with a small team of employees, the best production partner we could wish for and a massively stoke-inducing and growing community of RAAW riders. It’s all a little crazy and I’m very grateful for what has happened.

Taking one step after the other has been very important for me from the start. I’ve never wanted to rush anything at RAAW. That is why we didn’t offer full bikes in the first year, it’s why we’ve only just started focusing on video content and it’s why there is only one bike in our line-up, for now.

A company has to be financially sustainable. Salaries, insurances and taxes have to be paid.
But there is more to life than growing a company’s net worth. We’re set to offer the best and most durable products accompanied by the best customer support. We want to have a good time, enjoy the process and aim for sustainable and enjoyable growth. That is why our production numbers are limited and why we won’t make an e-bike. Not because we don’t like growth, nor do we hate e-bikes. But we believe it’s essential to sort out the priorities before to start the ride.


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